Kitchen Capital Campaign

In recent decades, Prairie Camp struggled financially. But with excellent stewardship, the work of many volunteers year after year, the talents of a thrifty and innovative camp director and most importantly God's blessing, the camp is on solid financial footing. In fact, despite the pandemic, as of 2021 we've had a budget surplus for five years running. We have built a six-figure rainy day fund to ensure the camp will not burden the District in the future. All that has been achieved while construction a beautiful retreat center, a brand new state-of-the-art restroom facility, complete renovation of a key dormitory and the purchase and renovation of many cabin facilities. 

Amazing as those recent projects have been, our kitchen and dining facility is our most daunting need and one that is well beyond the scope of our annual budget. At roughly 70 years old with many inherent issues, it is in rapid decline despite the best efforts of our caretakers. 

Our Current Facility

At roughly 70 years old with many inherent issues, our current kitchen and dining hall is in rapid decline despite the best efforts of our caretakers. Water pours in from higher ground to the south and conflicting roof lines funnel more ice and water in from above. Floors are cracking and heaving, and the kitchen is sinking. The facility is without air conditioning and uninsulated, making work during the peak months of summer unbearable for our generous staff, and unusable in the off season.

The kitchen is crowded, undersized, and underpowered, making it extremely difficult to produce the 9,000 meals annually our camps require in a safe manner.

The Renovated Dining Facility

The Prairie Camp Board has carefully developed an efficient plan to expand and renovate for our current needs, while ensuring future growth flexibility. The beautiful, exposed wood structure of the existing core will remain and be renovated, while the dilapidating 2-story structure will be removed and replaced with a completely new kitchen addition. 

Here's a quick look at our goal:

  • Provide a well-insulated, climate-controlled, comfortable dining experience
  • safe, clean, well-lit kitchen that features a more efficient layout and better storage
  • An insulated facility that can extend the rental season for additional revenue generation
  • new drainage and grading to the south
  • Updated utilities, refrigeration, and appliances
  • a proactive plan that could effectively double the dining space by extending the same footprint to the south, should the need arise in the decades to come

How Can You help?

First and foremost, we covet your prayers over this project. We want to see God's fingerprints every step of the way. Secondly, in order to finish this project debt-free, we would appreciate your gifts. Prairie Camp would simply not exist without you. No gift is too small and we want you and your family to have ownership in this project.